Data Recovery Pro Complete Review

Data Recovery Pro Complete Review and Explaination.
Data Recovery Pro Complete Review
Data Recovery Pro Complete Review

 This is a powerful file recovery tool which is handy for all..

Since the rise in technology prompted users to digitalis everything specially media like our books, music, documents, photos, videos and other relevant data is nowadays mostly stored on our devices like computer and mobile storage.

While it saves a lot of space and allow us to make many more memories as much we want to make, corruption of these files might make you sad and worried. Regular backup is not even possible to save the files while data destroyer malware can be downloaded incidentally from the internet within few seconds. Luckily we have the tools like Data Recovery pro to help us in such these situations.

Data Recovery Pro by ParetoLogic for windows is email, file recovery program which is used to retrieve a big variety of file types. This application is easy to understand, even if you have less advanced computer knowledge, while it guides through the recovery process.

Additionally, this software doesn't use lots of system resources or space on your hard drive.

Additionally, to recover files from the computer, data recovery pro is capable to restore data from external devices like USB sticks, mp3 players, phones and external HDD devices as well. Data recovery pro having a bonus point which is to gives a possibility to recover missing media files from the iPod shuffle's, iPod Nano, iPod classic as well.

Data Recovery Pro is usable from window XP and window vista OS. In case to install this program and fix your device, you should need at least 50MB free space on your storage device to use Data Recovery Pro.

Installation and Operations

Data Recovery Pro if free to download from their official website. The installation process is very quick and straightforward, and takes only couple of minutes. During the installation process you will not get any error or other problem and installation is quickly.

Users will be asked whether to schedule a task and have to create start menu icon or not, you can simply choose as per your choice.

The Scan having following modes:

  • Quick Scan Mode - It can recovers files which are quickly recoverable and can be search by the file name or text string (hint).

  • Full Scan Mode - This mode scans the system fully while includes internal and external devices as well.

  • Advanced Mode - Which Allows you to filter the scan results for your ease.

  • Guided Scan - This mode helps the peoples which having less experience to understand the process.

  • Email Scanner - This is the feature which can recover files or emails from default or specified applications.

The quick scans takes a few minutes (Even less time if you specify that what are you searching for: music, picture, etc.), while the full scan might takes up to 2 days, depends on your data size on the hard drive. Meanwhile, get ready to leave your PC with Data Recovery Pro for scanning for a long time period if you need to recover large data amount.

After scan process, you can view all deleted files and folders and sort them by Name, Data Created, Location, Date Accessed and Date Modified as well. In Addition, Data Recovery Pro allows you to preview scanned files (this feature doesn't work for all type of files).

You can select which files you prefer to recover or simply mark them all if you need all of them and press Recover. This will save the recovered files in a predetermined folder. But before complete this action, you need to register on their official website and purchase the product, while Single License costs around 50$.

Why to download Data Recovery Pro?

Data Recovery Pro is really easy to use software, which allows PC users to find and recover their important data files. It doesn't need much space and don't even conflict with other programs. If you do not store data backups then it can be an essential to install the application to recover your files with just few clicks and protect yourself from data loss.

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