Top 5 Data Recovery Tools (Free and Paid)

Top 5 best Data Recovery Software for Windows

We all knows the problem of data loss by incident or some any other reasons. Data loss is a major problem causes lots of issues, stress and maybe costs a lots of money from you guys. Fortunately, if you even don’t have any available backup solution still you may able to recover your lost data, deleted files or damages files. We have made a list for you guys of top data recovery software’s for windows.

1. Number First Disk Drill ( Can be Used up to 7 times Data Recovery)
Disk Drill is an easy to use as well as reliable tool which doesn’t requires you to be mad to understand the software work method! Disk Drill is one of the best hard drive data recovery software available out there which allows up to 500MB of data recovery at cost of free.

The Edition of this app also allows you to unlimited scanning feature and previewing for lost data which will help you to checkout all the things and confirm that there’s a chance of data recovery before investing any actual money on this software. It is the upgrade version of 7 data recovery which was a good data recovery software in the pas.


  • Multiple Scanning Options
This software having Notable file recovery features including a powerful Deep Scan mode which allows you to look into deep media files deleted in past and recover lost files even no partition is present in your computer system after a hard data loss cases such as complete formatted drive. This Deep scan feature can reconstruct your lost data from bits and pieces and make this happen.

  • Deep Scanning Feature
This software having Deep scan feature as well as quick scan feature which is very quick and detects your recently deleted and lost files on your drive. These files are recovered very rapidly and exactly as they were before data loss. Disk Drill capable in scanning as well as detecting just about any type of files on your computer which mean you can easily recover things like music files, videos, work documents and many more formats.

  • Supported Platforms

Disk Drill works with most of the windows editions like window 10, 7, 8.1, vista and XP. This data recovery software supports major file systems and drive types.

2. Prosoft Data Rescue 5

Prosoft Data Rescue 5 is an data recovery application which offers you a suite of advance data recovery tools. Prosoft is built for a long time a 20 years of data recovery research to get a high quality tool which is now developed and tested in professional data recovery lab. It has been used by billions of users all around the world for file recoveries. It supports most of the windows with both the HFS and NTFS file systems.
3. DM Disk Editor and Data Recovery Software

DM Disk editor and Data recovery is one of the most popular well known as DMDE software. It is a powerful software to recover, edit as well as search for data on any type of media files like photos, videos, documents. This software is built with special algorithms, it can provide support even in the most sensitive cases of data loss.

  • Advance Features

This recovery software make possible to browse and edit recoverable data files with hex editor, means you can even edit the sectors which is present in severe data loss cases which is necessary for advanced users.

  • Lost Partition Recovery
This tool having an Automated search feature available which helps you a slightly more which is also user friendly scan similar to other recovery software's in our best data recovery tools list. This tool can search and recovers drives and partitions which becomes invisible for windows.

4. MiniTool Partition Recovery

This recovery tool having comprehensive partition recovery capabilities, MiniTool Recovery tool can recover deleted files as well as salvage an entire partition. It is really easy to use software for basic operations and it is focused on partition level recovery approach, which is good for no experienced users.


Easy to use
It can be operate within 3 easy steps. First you have to select a target disk and set scanning range based on the data issue. After that you need to click on Scan button. Finally you will get preview of the files by which you can choose what you want to recover and place the retrieved files on another disk drive to store and use later.

  • Flexible Scanning Selection
This partition recovery tool supports the latest and the most common disk technology such as: SCSI disks, IDE disks, SATA disks, mobile hard disks and other type of fixed media. It has flexible scan selection option which can scan to a specific parameters.

5. Stellar Recovery Tool

It is a well known tool from early 90's, Steller Recovery has slowly got famous in the data recovery software in the world. Stellar Recovery is known for fast and clean results with high success rate on many type of files. This tool's advanced feature are limited but stellar recovery works great in quick and easy scans for windows while maintaining good cost and ease to use.
  • Scan for a Specific File
This tool having feature to scan a specific file or folder which is deleted accidentally, which is a good way to reduce the scan time and PC power, while this feature is idle for reducing the time in sorting files.

  • Optical Media Recovery
Steller Tool offering you the Optical Media Recovery option, which can rescue data from corrupted or scratched optical media like DVD and CD disks. The software having a Pro version which also includes an Image your hand disk feature to give you permission to recover a hard drive with bad sector or damaged areas. While the pro version also includes Email recovery feature.

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