Web hosting vs. domain hosting

Web facilitating and space facilitating, however firmly related, are two unique administrations. Web has enable clients to make and store content, similar to a site, on Internet servers. Space has give area names, which help guests get to your web content.

This guide clarifies the contrast between the two sorts of facilitating.

Web facilitating

In the event that you think about your web content as a store, a web have gives the physical space where you show your store's items—for this situation, the content, pictures, recordings and other substance that make up your webpage.

When you manufacture a website with Squarespace, Squarespace is your web have. We give a spot on the Internet to show your substance, notwithstanding devices for making and dealing with that content. Each Squarespace site is put away on our servers, like how physical stores lease space in a shopping center.

Area facilitating

An area have gives a space name, as www.yourdomain.com, that guests can use to discover you. A space name resembles a road address that guides individuals to your site's area.

Space has store area names and encourage their enlistment. In case you're utilizing a space enrolled through an outsider supplier, similar to GoDaddy or Hover, they're your area have.

When you make a Squarespace site, you're consequently relegated a worked in area, as yoursite.squarespace.com. You can likewise exchange bolstered areas to Squarespace or register another custom space. All Squarespace Domains are facilitated by our space supplier and host, Tucows.

How the two hosts cooperate

You can interface at least one custom areas to your site by enlisting a Squarespace Domain, exchanging a space to Squarespace, or associating a space from an alternate supplier.

Regardless of who has your area, after your space is associated with your Squarespace website, guests to your area name will see your web content facilitated by Squarespace.

This is genuine regardless of whether you utilize various spaces, since all areas will advance to a solitary essential area—much like you can advance mail starting with one location then onto the next.

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